St. Joe Prep Class of '60 - 50th Anniversary Reunion

Hall of Fame Speech.

Max Howard is inducted into the St. Joe Prep Hall of Fame: Listen to Max's acceptance speech. It is one for the St Joe ages...humorous...sensitive...insightful . Max captures for many what St. Joe Prep was and still is in the hearts of all St. Joe Alumni. Introduction by Bob Thornburgh and Don Parrish. Click Here for speech.

Friday night Welcome at Don and Judy Parrish Home in Bardstown

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Saturday trip to Gethsemani

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St. Joe Prep, Class of 1960 - 50th Reunion

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The Reunion Week-end. Here's everything you need to know.

The reunion begins on Friday evening, June 25, with a cocktail party at the home of Don and Judy Parrish. Don promises a full bar, heavy hors d'oeuvres ("Nobody will need dinner!") and a great setting to talk and visit.

Saturday night will be memorable! We have arranged for dinner at Kreso's Restaurant located in the old Arco Theater. The food is excellent and the old theater is fun to see. Dinner will be table service (not a buffet) with cocktails at 6:00 and dinner served at 7:00. Cash bar with a bartender on duty all evening serving mixed drinks and wine by the glass or bottle. Tipping the bartender is encouraged and appreciated!

Dinner includes a Bosnian salad (which is akin to tangy mixed salad, very good and a flavor that most anyone would like), choice of grilled boneless pork chop or chicken marsala, boiled potatoes with rice (a unique Bosnian dish and delicious) and broccoli. Dessert is choice of coconut, lemon or derby pie, all homemade. Choice of tea or coffee.

We will be seated in what was the auditorium and will have full use of the room. There is a dance floor (score one for Woody Dugan!) and the sound system is excellent. We must bring our own music (CDs only, no 45's, please!). We are planning our program now so if you have ideas to share, suggestions to make or requests for the evening, please let us know!

We have a full stage, an excellent video projection system and Power Point capability. Any one have photos or home movies they'd like to share? We are especially happy that Brother Giles will be joining us! Brother is researching and updating the history of all the Brothers who were at the Prep during our four years and will be sharing their stories with us on Saturday night. Sunday afternoon is the All Classes Reunion beginning with mass at St. Joseph Cathedral, followed by a social hour on the front lawn of Spalding Hall (weather permitting) and then dinner served at Bethlehem School.

Max Howard, who will be inducted into the St. Joe Prep Hall of Fame

Please plan to stay for the Sunday All Classes Reunion celebration! There will be a special afternoon Mass (which means you won't have to get up in the morning!) followed by a social hour on the lawn in front of Spalding Hall and then dinner at Bethlehem High School. It's a fun event where you'll enjoy meeting and visiting with alums from other classes.

We would also like a strong Class of '60 presence for our classmate, Max Howard, who will be inducted into the St. Joe Prep Hall of Fame at the Bethlehem dinner. Max promises a short but entertaining acceptance speech and welcomes the chance to share this honor with his classmates.

On you Eagles!

The 50th Reunion Committee

Perry Carrico
Pat Coleman
Keith Gartland
Charlie Haydon
Max Howard
Don Parrish
Bob Thornburgh

P.S. If you have not already done so, please send your registration and check ($55.00 for each person attending) to Don Parrish at 205 West Flaget, Bardstown, KY 40004. You can Call Don at (502) 348-3776 with any questions. Do it now!

Also, please complete your "Life After St. Joe" Questionnaire and e-mail it with a current photo to or print a hard copy and mail it with your picture to Charlie Haydon at 1612 Fox Bend Court, Naperville, IL 60563. If you have questions you can call Charlie at (630) 369-2262 or on his cell phone at (630) 373-6098.

Finally, we will have name tags for all classmates, spouses, significant others and guests. We must have first and last names for each person attending no later than June 18. Please e-mail the information to Bob Thornburgh at

The most important thing is to do it now! Time is running short and we want to get everyone in touch and connected well before June 25.

(This is more a commentary than a story about the process of developing the radio programs on the occasion of the 50th Reunion of the St. Joe Prep class of 1960.)

Sometimes one comes late to the party, but can still make a contribution.

A number of years ago, I felt I had come full circle when I married Sug Dean of Anchorage, KY. You see, we had become first involved in 1970 or so in Louisville while working for two civic organizations. We found each other again in the fall of 2001. I moved from northwestern Connecticut where I had lived for 20 years to Milwaukee where she had lived for almost that time. We were married two years later in Anchorage. Full circle.

Then four years and nearly three months ago, we returned to Kentucky to a small farm with an 1820s log home outside Paris, Kentucky. This return to our Kentucky home marked a full circle.

And now, with this reunion, there is another full circle. It is an important one also.

Life is not a straight line. Those who are our classmates know this very well. It is full of circles.

After I had offered up the idea of the radio programs visiting some of our classmates, I was given the opportunity to reconnect with those involved in organizing the reunion. This was good and fun. But when I sat down across a pair of microphones at the WBRT Radio station in Bardstown, it was a whole and different story.

Certainly there were memories as I visited my guests. But more important, there were emotions. Old friendships were revisited. Life experiences exchanged. Times recounted. When, at the close of the phone interview with Brother Giles, I began to thank him for all he gave us, I grew emotional and tears found their way into my voice.
You can hear all that in the interviews if you can connect via the Internet to: at 9AM the weekdays prior to the gathering.

No straight lines...only circles.

With this reunion, you and I are given the chance to revisit each other. We all look different. We all have experienced our lives in ways we could not have fathomed or planned. But what is important, we are all here to celebrate our times together at St. Joe Prep which helped make us what we have become: fearless eagles with time yet to soar even more.

-Woody Dugan 11 June 2010 Pleasant Springs Farm Carlisle KY

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Subject: St. Joe Prep WBRT Radio Programs


The five days worth of radio interviews and the commentary/introductions and commentary are being put together as I write this by Will Osbourne at WBRT.

I have attached my commentary.

The airing schedule is as follows:

Monday 21 June 9AM: Perry Carrico and Ernie Coomes


Tuesday 22 June 9AM: Joe Fileatreau and Dave Walker


Wednesday 23 June 9AM: Brother Giles and Keith Gartland


Thursday 24 June 9AM: Max Howard and Charlie Haydon


Friday 25 June 9AM: Bob Thornburgh and Kenny Greenwell


11AM: Libby Haydon, Diane Bray and Cathy Gartland (to be firmed up)
LIVE in the studio.

In Bardstown, the programs can be heard at 1320 AM.

On the internet, the programs can be heard at .

All programs air East Coast Time...whatever that is in the summer.

Roth (WBRT managing director), can you do some promos for the programs. If Bethlem is the lead sponsor, perhaps they can be mentioned in the promos. If you want me to cut them via phone, send me the copy. Thanks so much for your interest in this event all all you and Will have done. I'll send you a copy of the photo of Will and me if you wish to use it on the internet site and share it with the Standard thru Kim or directly.

Any questions, in touch...feel free to phone me. Land line best.



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Prep Radio Intros

2010 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1960 graduating class of St. Joe Prep in Bardstown, Kentucky. These series of radio programs with some of our class members will recall this unique school's contribution to Bardstown through these young men. We will share memories of the Xaverian Brothers whose guidance went well beyond the classroom and into our lives throughout the years. Our guests will recall experiences and friends.

Hello, I'm Woody Dugan. I grew up in Bardstown and left here upon graduating from St. Joe on a warm late spring day in 1960. Although my personal homecoming visits to Bardstown over the years were infrequent, I have always held our community in high praise throughout my life. Growing up in a small town in Kentucky with friends and neighbors always ready to help was a life-lesson I always kept with me.

Our first guest today is Perry Carrico. Perry commuted daily with a number of other classmates from Springfield, Kentucky. Perry was a leader and excelled in sports. He also stayed in Springfield in the family's business.

(intro Perry) 20:49

Our next guest is Ernie Coomes from Bardstown. Ernie's family was in the service station business. He joined that business after returning to Bardstown from service in the U.S. Navy.

(intro Ernie) 14:00

Until you sit with old friends, recall memories and share experiences face-to-face, it is difficult to fathom the emotions which surface. I hope you will join us tomorrow when we will visit with Bardstonian Joe Fileatreau and Dave Walker, a retired Naval Captain as we visit with more of the 1960 Graduating class of St. Joe Prep. I'm Woody Dugan...thanks for joining us on WBRT.

St. Joe Prep radio intros...

Hello, welcome to what is becoming a series of memories and life experiences as we visit with some members of the 1960 Graduating class of St. Joe Prep here in Bardstown.

The Prep, as it was known by Bardstonians, was a boys' private school on Fifth street next to St. Joseph's Church. It was a school in the Catholic tradition with focused academics, strict guidance and energetic sports programs...all dedicated to educating young men and preparing them to enter the world.

Hello, I'm Woody Dugan, a member of the 1960 graduating class. Our 50th Reunion is this week-end when many of our classmates will return to visit and renew old friendships. We have lost 15 of our classmates over the years. They will be recalled and mourned.

Although, the Bourbon industry was Bardstown's major employer, farming provided most rural families with their living. Many of the local boys attending St. Joe had farming backgrounds. Our first guest today grew up farming with his family.
He is Joe Fileatreau whom many of you know.

(intro Joe) 19:00

Our next guest came to St. Joe from Cincinnati. He is from a family who travelled the world courtesy of the U.S. Military. Dave Walker carried on that tradition as a Captain in the U.S. Navy.

(intro Dave) 15:54

Dave Walker, like many of us, spent time in the military. I received my commission at Fort Knox in Armor, but was fortunate enough to spend all my time in public information and community relations. As a young first lieutenant, I helped lead the Army's command information unit at Army Headquarters in Vietnam before and following the Tet Offensive...the beginning of the end of America's military involvement in South Vietnam.

Many served and gave their lives there in an effort to stem Communism. Bardstown, Kentucky sent a number of young men to Vietnam who gave their lives in that cause. We also remember them.

On tomorrow's program, we will visit with Brother Giles, one of the favorite teachers at St. Joe's and with Keith Gartland of Bardstown.

I'm Woody Dugan, a 1960 grad of St. Joe. Thank you for sharing these memories with us.

Education is, perhaps, the most vital aspect of growing up. We began that education at home with family and friends. And then we begin formal education which can take from 12 to 20 years depending upon what we plan to do with our life.

Hello, I'm Woody Dugan. I, like about 50 percent of the students in Bardstown in the 40s, 50s and 60s, grew up in the Catholic Schools servings the area. I firmly believe we received the best education along with the most discipline from the nuns and the brothers who guided us through those years.

Today, as we recall the memories of the 1960 graduating class of St. Joe Prep, we will begin with a visit with Brother Giles. Brother Giles, a New England transplant, came to Bardstown in 1957 to teach French and coach golf and wrestling among other sports. Brother Giles was a young Xaverian brother at the time, perhaps only ten or so years older than his students. He brought care, guidance and strength to the classroom and the playing field...all of which was so important to us as students.

(intro Brother Giles) 18:41

As we ended that visit, I was close to tears. It is important that we as students then and as adults now, be able to thank those who helped make our lives better and our careers worthwhile. Like you, there are many people deserving our thanks for the life and times they shared with us.

Our next guest is Keith Gartland, a fellow classmate, Bardstown boy and friend. Keith was fortunate as he was able to lead his life from Bardstown although his work took him to Louisville everyday.

(intro Keith) 15:34

Thank you for joining us today as we remembered friends and teachers from St. Joe Prep. I'm Woody Dugan. See you tomorrow.

Hello, this is Woody Dugan. The last time I was on WBRT for any length of time was, the best I can recall, the summer of 1963. Larry Adams had hired me for the summers beginning in 1961. I worked weekdays from five to seven in the late afternoon...just after the rosary. And on week-ends, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. It was a great time to be young, energetic and moving forward.

The occasion for this reunion with WBRT is the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the1960 graduating class of St. Joe Prep. My fellow classmates will celebrate it this week-end as we share memories, good times and stories of our lives over the years. Rock and Roll was here to stay and we were the very best products of that time...and we owe part of that to St. Joe Prep.

My first guest today is Max Howard. Max was unique and remains so to this day as a motivational speak with corporations across America as he tries to prepare them for the new business of America.

(intro Max) 26:20

In looking recently at our yearbook, the AZUWUR, I recalled old friends and all we did at St. Joe. One of our more stalwart students was Charlie Haydon from Springfield, Kentucky. Charlie was a leader, a great athlete and a good person. He and Libby Green, our homecoming queen for that year...and also his wife now, will be joining us for the Reunion. But first, a visit with Charlie Haydon.

(intro Charlie) 16:45

We have all changed greatly. We are wiser, thanks to the Brothers who gave us so much fifty years ago. We are greyer...especially those of us with hair. We are older...those of us who are not forever young. And we are thankful for all those who loved us and gave us so much throughout our lives.

Thank you for joining me today. Please join us tomorrow for more memories. I'm Woody Dugan. Bye for now...

Today's guests are Bob Thornburgh and Kenny Greenwell. Bob and Kenny are typical of the boys attending St. Joe Prep. Bob Thornburgh was from Cincinnati and, therefore, a border. Kenny was from Bardstown and a day-hop as we were known. The spread among area students and those from out of the area was about equal.

Even though St. Joe Preparatory Schools for Boys, its formal name, began as a school for Catholic boys in the Bardstown region, overtime, there was need and opportunity for accepting students from across the country and, also, some foreign students. And that helped to make this educational experience very important to us and to Bardstown.

Hello, I'm Woody Dugan, a native of Bardstown and a 1960 graduate of St. Joe.

Exposure to others from outside this small community helped us better understand the world and its people as we would experience in our coming years. Many of us went on to graduate from colleges across the country and from there to the military and onto careers elsewhere.

Our first guest today is Bob Thornburgh from Cincinnati.

(intro Bob) 16:05

Our next guest is Kenny Greenwell. Kenny was our neighbor while we were in grade school at Bethlehem Academy and St. Joseph Parish School in the early fifties. Kenny was creative and he was smart...he still is as far as I know. We were friends. We played baseball on the corner lot next to Hite's Grocery in Maple Hill. No doubt, we walked to school together...memories are fleeting. But I remember him does everyone who knew Kenny.

(intro Kenny) 18:22

For the last four days we have visited with classmates who graduated with me from St. Joe Prep in the late spring of 1960. Many of us are coming to Bardstown this week-end to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that time...not just the graduation but our memories and old friendships.

Later this morning we will be joined by the wives of three of our classmates. I'm Woody Dugan. Thanks for joining us today on WBRT Radio.

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